2020 Teaching Schedule:

Art and Soul, Portland, OR   March 20-23  RESCHEDULED TO AUGUST

Mark Making: Building Blocks and Finishing Touches - CLOSED   - Friday, March 20

Abstract Fabric Exploration Sculpture - Saturday, March 21

Eco dyeing: A Collaboration Between Nature and Cloth - Sunday, March 22

Texturlicious: Peeling Paint, Rust, and Ancient Textures - Monday, March 23

Pacific NW School of Art, Coupeville, WA   July 18-19     CANCELLED

Experimental Eco dyeing: Documenting the Alchemy  

Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts, Mineral Point, WI   July 31-August 2  CANCELLED

Abstract Fiber Sculpting 

Port Towsend School of Arts, Port Townsend, WA   October 9-11  CANCELLED

Organic Fiber Sculpture Inspired by Nature 

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Student Testimonials 

I had the pleasure to attend a 5-day retreat taught by Clarissa in Australia in 2019. The experience was phenomenal and literally could not have been better. She was generous in sharing her knowledge and supplies, perfect in balancing direct instruction with time to "get into the zone", and thoroughly supportive and encouraging throughout. She had the talent to be able to take us all through step-by-step instructions but to teach in such a way that every attendee's project reflected their own artistic voice rather than being a copy of the instructor's. Her good humor and total ease in her role as an instructor was icing in the art cake. I would take another class with her in a heartbeat." Seth Apter 


"The class was so interesting and I am so glad I took it. I was all kinds of cool ways to manipulate fabric. She was well prepared and very generous in her sharing of techniques. The pace of the class was perfect as well. She timed it well so that we had plenty of time to work between demos but without overloading with info that we wouldn't have time to get to. I'd take another class from her again!" Kecia Deveney 

"I love taking classes from Clarissa! She is knowledgeable and presents the material in a way that is easy to understand, she knows her subject matter and can explain it to be accessible to all skill levels. She is very generous with materials and information.

When you leave the class, you always feel like you can go home and repeat it and make the process a part of your own art." 

Ann Webb

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