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 Knotted: Tying the Common and the Profound



A large community-based installation constructed of knotted, recycled domestic textiles. The project’s objective is to create and foster community through simple action and everyday materials while educating about the impact of textile waste on our environment. Through this accessible, communal experience we will dig into the shared connection of humans through common objects and simple activities. What can appear simplistic has depths to be explored. Almost all humans were born on sheets, were conceived on, and will die on sheets. Knots hold sutures together to save lives. The act of learning to tie our shoes is a major developmental marker. Yet, we rarely consider the significance in our lives of these everyday objects and actions and the inherent connection created. The project will involve the collection of discarded textiles, primarily bed sheets but also incorporating other common domestic materials like table cloths and curtains. These will be altered in various ways utilizing local plant materials and found objects. Then the simple act of tying knots in the fabric will be shared in casual, personal, and ritualistic community experiences. Creating a space for conversation, connection, and education while creating a tangible avenue for removing textiles from the waste stream.  In the process, I will be collecting stories and words regarding the practical and symbolic use of knots and tying to be incorporated into the finished exhibition. My intention for the completed project is for its impact to continue through multiple exhibitions, talks, and discussions.



Donate used sheets or other domestic linens

For the scale of this project, a large number of textiles are going to be required. With that collection and use, a substantial amount of textiles will also be diverted from the landfill.


Join me in tying knots

At a community event or on your own. While tying knots: you can meditate, count your blessings, count your sorrows, pass the time, tie your burdens, count your age, teach a young one to tie a knot, just enjoy the simple activity, or whatever fits your needs



Share your thoughts and stories

All though the act of tying and creating knots appears to be a simple mundane concept. Almost everyone has a story that involves knots or feelings and thoughts in response. Please share. Part of the project is collecting these words and stories.  These will be incorporated into the final exhibition.